About Karum

By Retailers. For Retailers.

Karum provides integrated and cost effective solutions enabling retailers to drive increased revenues and gross margin ROI by offering private label consumer credit services to their customers.

Our customers see private label credit card holders purchasing as much as 300% more than the average customer. We offer a turnkey suite of credit management solutions including transaction processing, outsourced credit center capabilities, collection services and consulting. When appropriate we can work with you and third-party partners to provide full or partial receivable financing through our affiliate, Karum Financial.

  • Karum has invested $40 million in research and development to create and manage the industry-standard platform for credit processing and transaction management.
  • Karum integrates with your point-of-sale technology to receive and transmit real-time purchase, approval and marketing data to ensure there is no disruption in the consumer’s buying process.
  • Karum operates a full-service credit center which manages new account creation, issue management, telemarketing and customer service.
  • Karum provides sophisticated, thoughtful collection services that align with your business standards and maintain brand equity.
  • Through an affiliation with Karum Financial, Karum can provide your customers with private label credit without you having to take on debt or deplete working capital.
  • Through Karum Capital LLC, Karum offers risk, compliance and portfolio management services to retailers that own their own portfolios.

In contrast to banks or traditional transaction processors, Karum’s retail DNA enables us to offer flexible and cost effective solutions that drive greater profitability. For a look at the commercial and financial benefits of a Private Label Credit Program (PLC), click here.