Credit Center


Features of Credit Center

  • Application processing, validation and credit bureau integration
  • Custom Card embossing and fulfillment
  • 24/7 Telephone/Web/Email customer service
  • Call/inquiry management & tracking
  • Outbound Marketing

Benefits of Credit Center

  • Decrease customer delays in receiving approved credit cards
  • Save time and money through our centralized production and fulfillment centers
  • Maintain brand equity with custom credit cards, fulfillment packages.
  • Peace of mind knowing your customers needs will be met quickly, accurately and with high integrity
  • Customer issues are dealt with quickly, fairly and amicably with full workflow processes and audit trails
  • Increase brand awareness, drive card usage, or promote specific products


A Total Customer Care System

At Karum, we do much more than, say, just emboss cards for you.  Karum manages state-of-the-art, in-region operations centers that  provide processing, management and monitoring of your customers’ credit card accounts. From the organizational layout of the credit center down to the auto-dialing technology used at the desk of each customer service representative, tremendous thought has been put into how the credit center maximizes its contribution. Our proven technology allows us to efficiently and effectively care for your on-going customer needs, whether its billing, handling customer inquiries or processing sales.

Above: One of our floors from our credit center in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Your increased approval rates, greater activation rates and deeper penetration of cards in market are made possible by Karum’s Proactive Account Lifecycle Management™.


Credit Center

Customer Contact Services

We recognize that customers are all unique in the ways they interact with your company.  So Karum provides as many options as possible - from live Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), to in-store help, and interactive voice response.  Our CSRs have the experience and knowledge needed to handle all types of billing, account and service inquiries. 

High-touch Communications

Our proprietary customer care systems increases our contact rates and frees CSRs to focus on your most valuable and profitable customers.  It reduces the volume of inbound calls and trims hold time and call abandonment rates.

Similarly, our multi-lingual credit center staff works with your stores to ensure service opportunities are maximized, high-value transactions are prioritized, and courtesy follow-up calls are the standard mode of operation not an exception. 

Customer Centric Policies

Karum strives to deliver the highest quality care to your customers.  We'll partner with you to develop a customer service program that mirrors your policies, procedures, and business philosophy with CSRs that embrace your company's mission. 

Promotions Management

The credit center can be used to assist in outbound telemarketing campaigns to drive adoption of new services, increase card activation rates and to help build awareness of store promotions.