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Support FAQ

Karum provides comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for retailers looking to offer a private label credit card. While every implementation features custom features and services, there are often common questions surrounding our services that can be addressed here.

What does Karum mean?

The name Karum derives from the world’s oldest known trading concept.  Some 5000 years ago, Mesopotamian commercial centers were called “Karum” – vast marketplaces characterized by intensive buying and selling of goods and services.  Historians believe that these Karum were the location of the first credit transactions in human civilization.

What does Karum Do?

Karum powers private label credit. Our integrated and cost-effective solutions allow retailers to drive increased revenues by offering consumer credit products in the form of private label credit cards to their customers. We offer turnkey suite of credit management solutions including transaction processing, outsourced credit center capabilities, collection services and consulting.

What is a Private Label Credit Card?

A Private Label Credit Card (PLCC) is a financial option that retailers can offer customers to increase sales, improve brand loyalty and to increase ROI. Oftentimes retailers brand the card with their logo or designs and offerspecial incentives, promotions or discounts to customers that carry their card.

Why should I get one for my business?

Offering a Private Label Credit Card offers a business incredible opportunities to grow sales, increase brand awareness and to reap financial benefits. Customers carrying your card, on average, spend more in your store than cash customers. Similarly, you have an opportunity to provide additional customer services such as outbound promotions, surveys, contests and other VIP programs. Depending on how the PLCC program is financed, you also stand to benefit from the financial yield of the portfolio. For more detail on the benefits of a PLC program, click here.

Does Karum use third party software for its processing platform?

No. Karum has invested $40 million in development to create and manage the industry-standard platform for credit processing and transaction management.

Do I need to purchase additional hardware or software to launch my private label credit card program?

No. Karum integrates with your existing point-of-sale technology to receive and transmit real-time purchase, approval and marketing data to ensure there is no disruption in the consumer’s buying process.

Do I need to open a credit or collection center?

No. Karum operates a full-service credit center which manages new account creation, issue management, telemarketing, and customer service. Karum also provides sophisticated, thoughtful collection services that mirror your business standards and maintain brand equity.

What other business names has Karum used?

In the United States, Karum was formerly known as Credit Management Services. In Mexico, Karum was formerly known as Integra.LA Services. Both companies are Karum today.