Karum® People

History of Karum®

Originally founded in 1988 as Credit Management Services (CMS), Karum®’s solution was designed by retail technology experts for retailers looking to grow sales, differentiate their offerings and to provide additional services to their customers.

Since then, Karum®’s credit management platform has supported private label credit solutions in 10 countries with more than 50 retailers around the world. Retailers have successfully implemented our credit platform to support a few thousand cards to as many as 15,000,000 accounts. As a result, as much as 60% of the retailers’ sales are coming from private label credit cards which in turn drives billions of dollars of revenue.

In 2006, Karum® Latin America, launched with the specific goal of servicing the retail consumer credit needs of Latin America.

Today, Karum® meets the unique needs of retailers through a suite of services that together provide an end-to-end platform for private label credit – from application to collections to receivables funding.