Credit Card


Features of Portfolio Services

  • Retail focus
  • Receivables financing
  • Greater sales boost
  • Portfolio management
  • Funding through Karum Financial Services
  • Portfolio Management through Karum Capital

Benefits of Portfolio Services

  • Increased approval and activation rates, much higher than those seen in bank supported portfolios
  • Ability to offer credit without taking on debt or depleting working capital
  • Based on increased approval rates, private label credit penetration will be greater and your customers will buy more
  • Improved ROI through reduced delinquencies and improved portfolio harvesting


Portfolio Services

In addition to the commercial benefits of increased sales, increased gross margin ROI and increased customer loyalty, retailers also stand to benefit from the financial yield a receivables portfolio can offer. That said, to effectively implement a private label credit card program you must have the systems and infrastructure to operate it, the expertise to manage it and the financial resources to fund it. Karum provides support and services in each of these areas to assist you in reaping both the commercial and financial benefits.

Portfolio Services

If you are funding your own private label credit program, Karum can offer highly tailored business strategies for portfolio management. Karum Capital LLC offers risk, compliance and portfolio management services to retailers. To contact us about Karum Capital services, please click here.

In instances where funding is not an immediate option for you, Karum Financial, a subsidiary of Karum Group LLC, can operate as card issuer with the specific focus on consumer credit portfolios. When certain criteria have been met, Karum Financial itself, or alongside one of our partners such as Mega, can enable you to provide private label credit to your customers without burdening your enterprise with debt or accessing your precious working capital.  To contact us about Karum Financial services, please click here.