Karum Partners With Carabela to Offer Private Label Credit for its Motorcycle Customers

Classic Mexican motorcycle brand offering flexible payment methods to its customers for the first time in its storied history

September 23, 2009 - Karum Group LLC, a global credit management services company, has been selected as the credit services provider for Carabela Motorcycles, a division of Moto Road, S.A. de C.V., in Mexico for its software and services platform. Karum provides Carabela, as it does for other leading retailers such as London Boutique (LOB), Mundo Terra and Todo Facil, with a seamless, one-stop solution to process applications, activate accounts, assist in targeted promotions and offer collection services. As a result, Carabela customers can purchase motorcycles on a weekly payment plan rather than pay the full cash price at the time of purchase.

“The opportunity to provide credit to Carabela’s customers and fans of the brand is very intriguing for us,” said Peter R. Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Karum. “In many cases, this is the first opportunity for Carabela’s customers to establish credit and we are thrilled to associate our credit services with a brand as rich in tradition and heritage as Carabela motorcycles.”

Karum leverages its own credit processing platform to offer tailored, full-service consumer credit programs. Karum’s innovative services enable retailers to offer a credit program that could be financed by Karum, the retailer or a third-party partner, without any software and hardware investment. All of which enable Carabela to focus on what it does best; manufacturing quality motorcycles, supporting its dealer network and establishing brand loyalty.

 “In Karum, we recognized a great opportunity to provide an excellent service to our customers through unique credit solutions, “said Mauricio Kershenobich, Director General for Carabela, “With our own credit program now in place, we will be able to offer Carabela motorcycles, scooters and ATVs to a wider segment of the market while maintaining a tighter relationship with our customers.”

About Karum
Karum provides integrated and cost effective solutions enabling retailers to drive increased revenues and gross margin ROI by offering private label consumer credit services to their customers.
Karums’s customers see private label credit card holders purchasing as much as 300% more than the average bank card or cash customer. Karum offers a turnkey suite of credit management solutions including transaction processing, outsourced credit center capabilities, collection services and consulting.
In contrast to banks or traditional transaction processors, Karum’s retail DNA enables the company to offer flexible and cost effective solutions that drive greater profitability. For more information on Karum, please visit www.karum.com.

About Carabela
Carabela has been a classic Mexican motorcycle brand since the 1960’s when it was led by the Acermex company in Mexico. In 2001, Moto Road S.A. de C.V. acquired the Carabela brand to offer a full range of low piston displacement motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. Today, the Carabela brand is sold nationally through hundreds of distributors and retailers in Mexico, becoming one of the leaders in the motorcycle industry in the country. For more information on Carabela, please visit: www.carabela.com.mx